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Sign a retainer agreement

A retainer agreement is contract between the lawyer and the client that requires a deposit up front from the client that the lawyer deposits in a trust account.  The lawyer bills against the amount deposited in the trust account and returns money left over in the trust account after representation has ended.  The trust account may need to be replenished by the client depending on the number of billable hours the case requires.

By signing a retainer and "retaining" a lawyer, you will be fully represented in your legal matter and only need to do what your lawyer advises you to do.  You don't have to worry about being knowledgeable of the law or making arguments to the Court - that is the lawyer's job on your behalf.

Optional: Limited scope representation

Limited scope representation, also known as a la cart representation, allows a client to save money if they are willing to approach some of the legal work on their own.  An example would be a client hiring a lawyer to draft pleadings for a divorce, but the lawyer will not make any court appearances.  The fees may be on a flat fee basis.  This type of representation may not be good if there are complicated matters or issues being contested.